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Vratsa Bulgaria

Situated in the Balkan Mountain Itself among nature blessed by the Lord and amazing with its beauty Vratsa impresses at a glance with its unique combination of mountains, city environment and richness of culture and historic sites

"Koi Villa Vratsa"

The photographs below show my home in Bulgaria, that is "Koi Villa Vratsa" sometime in the future, maybe two years time I will have rebuilt this house(although it is livable at the moment) to a standard  that I am happy with  I will also rebuild a villa in the mountain around 1 kilometer from "Koi Villa Vratsa" this will be for renting out

Both properties have wells , both new build, that supply water for irrigation, bathing, and the fish ponds. There is also spring water, that is drinkable, it has been tested and is as good as any bottled water you can buy... the difference is that it is free!

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